I'm not real sure that all of this happened in the past 10 days, but well, it did. Here we go... 

On Friday we were geared up for the ULTIMATE garage sale. We (Cindy and I) do this about once/year and this year we decided to see if the rest of the CK group wanted to join in the fun and they clearly did. I spent all day Thursday and Friday setting up and by 3pm, we were ready to go.

Pro Tip: If you want to make money at a garage sale, have a "preview sale" for friends (and friends of friends) (and friends of friends of friends) (and also random people you meet on Beg, Barter, Buy) on a Friday night. 

Pro Tip: If you hate garage sales, hire me because I LOVE THEM!

And if you are wondering what I meant by "ultimate" garage sale - it was basically a department store. And 100% of this was just the RHM kids.

#ourkidslookcute #theyclearlyhaveneverbeennekkid 

The girls headed to Waco on Saturday with Gigi and Pops and Radley had a birthday party to attend so Ryan and I got to sneak in a date! 

And y'all - he isn't just easy on the eyes... he's a total beast in the kitchen. Except this day when we totally killed the banana bread. (He also blamed it on the bananas). In my opinion how it looks is way less important than how it tastes!

While the hubster was recovering over his banana bread, I was hanging with two of my favorite friends and fellow bloggers Holly and Shelly. We were supposed to be chatting about big blog plans and instead we enjoyed the sunshine, laughed, and just took a moment to enjoy the day. 

And then I maybe had to drive us home. 

Do you even bitmoji? Because if you don't quit reading this, download the app, and create one. This was seriously one of the greatest things I've done in my advising career - making all the execs create their own. #teambuilding Now our groupMe conversations are much more entertaining. 

I got all lovey dovey last week sharing ways to win my heart, but I also suggested ways to show that love, too. Hopefully it's helpful to you. 

Also note to self: take own advice

I apologize in advance for all my "Tami-isms". There is something about this show that just makes me extra Texan. I talk slower, I tease my hair higher, and I definitely wave and say "Hi y'all" to basically everyone I pass on the street. 

Y'all. Ryan has the BEST UPS stories. I get texts like this all the time and they always make me laugh so hard. I really think he should write a book... "My life in browns." 

And that's us in an instant!

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