Queen Bees: My Momma

Shelly and I are so excited about this month's Queen Bees - we hope the prompts we set will help y'all think of women to share with all of us. We have loved getting to know the mentors, friends, sisters, bosses, and blog besties that you've shared with us. We have been inspired, motivated, and challenged to be better moms, wives, friends, and human beings by each of these stories and we hope you have, too. 

So here we go - who do you know that loves WELL?? A person that constantly supports and encourages her husband, children and/or friends? Someone that's just really great at loving others... When we thought of this category, one person instantly came to my mind. She may drive me crazy, she may ask me a thousand questions and do the exact opposite of what I would do (like shop for Christmas presents in advance) but there aren't many people out there that can love like my momma.

For over 46 years she's loved this man and loved him well. 

And in that time they've created a life filled with the "good times and bad" - and set an example for others to follow. Marriage isn't easy (and why did I ever think it would be) or perfect but even through the imperfect, she's loved and loved well. She worked so Dad could go to college, moved to this crazy foreign place called Texas (THANK YOU) for HIS job, and just always said yes and believed in him. She knows what he likes, and really is a Proverbs 31 woman. I mean, she makes the man's coffee, lunch, and dinner (and by make, I mean she literally puts the food on his plate and walks it to him - which is sweet but it's 2016). (Love you, Dad).


And she has three of the cutest, smartest and greatest kids ever born. (especially that little girl in the pig tails)

And this picture above doesn't even begin to describe the number of kids she's raised. Our house was the house everyone wanted to run to... it's been a sanctuary, secret hideout, and clearly a spaghetti factory. She helped us make everything from cinnamon suckers to crazy scientists made of boiled frogs (ew). PTO meetings, play dates, prom prep parties and potentially some "events" she wasn't aware of all happened in those hallowed walls. (And for the record, those events were held by a child whose name starts with J and does not end in ody). 

And I would have made a picture collage of all of those faces - but I just started down a long long long tunnel of FB stalking so I had to quit; you understand. But in case you need a visual, let me remind you of her birthday surprise last year. We collected 65 letters from 65 different people for her 65th birthday. Wishes and words from people throughout all walks of her life - family, friends, former teachers, and the cutest grands around. 

And I wasn't surprised by the words that were shared....

You welcomed me like I was one of your own children, and you've been doing that ever since. 
Throughout my years in the classroom there were few mothers I enjoyed working with more than your mom.
I have never had the honor of meeting anyone who is more loving, giving and thoughtful than she is.
One of the things I admire most about you is your thoughtfulness.
Thank you for sharing your family's love with our family.  
Every time I have been around you and your family since then you have made me feel so welcome and as if I was a member of the family.
You saw ability inside of me and assured me that I was doing the right thing.
You have been and will continue to be one of the most inspiring ladies I have ever know and I love you dearly!

No one has ever gone hungry at our house - she's not real good at saying no and she never worried about what people thought as long as she thought what she was doing was right. 

I'm the friend/wife/momma I am today because of her example. Dee and my mom were inseparable (mostly because Jenni and I were inseparable) and they loved each other well. They supported, challenged, laughed, cried, yelled, and laughed some more. They showed up for each other. They held each other up. And they spent a heck of a lot of money at Target. 

These women above are my rock. I met Jenni in kindergarten but we became besties in the first grade and we have been ever since. But only because my momma and her momma took the time to nourish that friendship. To find time for it. To let us spend weekends together and vacations together and every thing in between. I pray to do that for my kids - to always find the time to nourish their relationships and create a space for them to feel welcomed in. 

She also has 4 of the cutest grandkids ever born! (Which again doesn't include all those surrogate grands!)

And she spoils them well beyond any need they have. If my kids get hurt (or maybe a tad bit in trouble) it's not surprising to hear "I WANT GIIIIIIIGIIIIIIIIII". And it's not annoying at all. Landry is the most honest one telling us she wants to go to Waco because, "Gigi gives us whatever we want." HA! Rad pipes in, "Yeah - we can have oreos whenever we want." 

So yes, she loves well, y'all... 

but she is LOVED well in return. 

Thanks for setting the example of taking care of others. Of loving by serving. Of putting ourself third. Of being a great giver of self. We love you, Mom!

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