Y'all. I am hopeless and random and lose track of things because well, #momlife #workmomlife #partiallysingleworkmomlife. But I try, so there's that.  The past week has been crazy, it all started last Wednesday when I finally noticed Landry had a "cold". I mean she had been sneezing a lot and used 3 boxes of tissues, but she didn't have a fever, so she was totally fine. 


I finally thought I should give her some medicine when she announced her ear hurt. And then I discovered that we had a small investment in some pharm products that had all expired. 


That night the hurting ear produced an actual fever (101.4) so the next morning we were hanging in the doctor's office and she was so excited to see one of Rad's books that we donated. 

She was even excited to see Dr. Hend-ah-sun especially since no shots were involved. We had the best day at home snuggled up and laying in our pjs. But she must have blown her nose 2000 times and right before bed her nose started to bleed. The kids were watching TV per usual nighttime calm down routine, and I was straightening up the house per usual Katy is anal retentive and likes things in order routine. 

Landry walks in the living room in a panic with blood every where. Luckily, Radley's had about 1283 nose bleeds so I wasn't panicked at all. I got it to stop bleeding while asking Rad and Emmy how they didn't notice their baby sister had used an ENTIRE box of Kleenex sitting NEXT to them on the couch. 


Bleeding stops. Landry looks up. Turns white. Says stomach hurts....

::you know what happens next::

And, well, when your nose has been bleeding for 15 minutes and you throw up, the result isn't lovely.

I lost it. So tired and frustrated and not wanting to be alone. I called Cindy and yelled for about 4 minutes and then said I was ok. And 7 minutes later she was at my front door and stayed until the kids had been asleep for an hour. 


This didn't make Instagram but it was so delicious! I was jealous of the kids having pancakes so I **tried** to make this Paleo version I read about and although it didn't end up looking pretty, it tasted so good! 

1 mashed banana
1 egg
handful smashed fresh blueberries
cinnamon to taste 

I tried making it like a pancake but it wouldn't flip very well so I ended up just scrambling it until I was convinced the egg was cooked. 

On Friday the two bigs got to be extras in a photoshoot on campus. One of my former FISH execs is the current Muster chair and they needed some kids for this photo session. For some reason he thought my kids "had tons of experience" taking photos. They did so great y'all! So so so great! They listened, stood still and no burned their finger or caught their hair on fire. These will be on flags hanging inside the MSC soon!

Poor Shelly. She gets texts like this from me all the time. 

But I had to look my best for the 50 Men Who Can Cook event! Holly had extra tickets and so graciously gifted me and Ryan a pair and I am so so so glad she did! We had the BEST time and I'm pretty excited about this becoming an annual tradition. 

I mean, watch out world. We grew up. But we are still the exact same.

Me and the hubs sneaking some kisses while the kids were no the playground. He's one of my favorites, except when he's not. (Even though he really is). 

On Saturday, Ryan decided he wanted to switch our spices around. So, being the darling wife that heard this one time and shows her love through acts of service, I started rearranging them. Y'all. 


Holly, you would be so proud of me. I'm totally KonMaring the shizz out this place. 

After all that cleaning, it was time to try a new recipe... my first spaghetti squash. It was much easier than I expected. I may actually be dropping one of these in my grocery cart every week. 

Meanwhile, Ryan was try to redeem his banana bread from last week. He clearly did, although I didn't taste one single bite.


Emmy was ready to party for the Superbowl. I sent this picture to Shelly:

"She's not afraid to mix patterns."


Finished product... Buffalo Chicken Casserole 
::recipe post coming soon::

Mondays are my long days. I'm usually at work from 8am-9pm and eat all three meals in my office. By the end of the day don't be surprised if you see me looking sexy in crocs and walking around with a potholder. Because, clearly.

Also, that casserole makes AMAZING leftovers. 

Fat Tuesday called for cupcakes and juice after school, just because. And yes, I ate one because you've gotta live. Also, Landry's "pirate face" smile is my favorite. 

And Merv is Landry's favorite. She sits and talks to him every day after school. She lays with him, plays with him, pets him and sings. It's really the most darling thing ever. He's the last pet standing from the fur roomies of 3202. 

Poor Rad broke out in an awful rash last week. I sent this pic to my mom and Cindy and they both maybe thought it was me at first.

#thisiswhyIlovethem #mylegsareNOTthatskinny

Some days you turn off the lights, lock the door, and get down to work. 

#workseverytime #noonecameinthatday

If it's not bloody noses, ear infections, or rashes on legs....its getting your front PERMANENT tooth chipped playing soccer.

Y'all. Wowzas it's been a week. 

This time I called Cindy to be on standby to pick up L in case we were at the dentist for a long time. They took an X-ray and determined he missed all the nerves which was a miracle. We got back on the 23rd to get a new partial tooth and hopefully he will be avoiding metal poles from here on out. 

Friday morning Cindy and I decided to treat ourselves to a tiny Valentine's breakfast that included donuts topped with bacon. 


On Saturday we enjoyed celebrating sweet Jillian turning five! And you know what? Landry probably  got the best deal being the youngest... when I would take Radley to parties as a 3yo, I followed him every where, snapping 1000 pictures, said "be careful" and "don't do that"... I saw the girls long enough to make sure they didn't spill red Gatorade on their shirts and to tie Emmy's shoe once. 

That night I found them in their closet post bath. 

Friends most of the time, sisters forever, darling for life. 

We set up their Valentine's and couldn't wait for them to see their treats. We went old school and kept it simple.

Note: Next time just get the 20oz for the Mentos challenge. I think it will make the explosion bigger because of the ratio of coke:mentos

Here's the tag in case you want to gift this sometime:

Sunday celebrations included, donuts at the new place in town! (SO STINKING GOOD!)

A stroll through Calvert with Gigi and Pops... I mean how hunky is a Dad? He's better looking now with two gorgeous girls holding his hands than ever before. 

And we ended with a screening of Pretty in Pink on the big screen. We learned a few things:

1. Everyone that was cool in the 80s smoked...
2. Andie was originally supposed to end up with Duckie but it didn't work so they re-shot the entire last scene... Andrew McCarthy is wearing a wig 
3. Pretty in Pink is THIRTY years old!!
4. Making out is still fun during cheesy movies (just kidding - we were just reenacting the awful kissing scenes between Blaine and Andie).

And that's us in an instant!

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  1. LOVE it! And, I was KMing the shizz outta our place too this weekend!!! Awesome job!

    1. I think we need to copyright that phrase... :)

  2. How horrible that she was sick!! That's not good. I can totally relate to the expired pharmacy cabinet haha

    1. Yes, poor thing. But she bounced back quickly praise the Lord! And yes! I felt like I was just pulling cash out of my wallet and throwing it straight into the trash!

  3. Girl you had a crazy week!!! I'm cracking up on the creepy stalker behind you and Holly...haha.

    1. I know! I was going to post a pic on insta but when I looked at it I just couldn't make myself! HAHA!