When you're mad at a favorite...

When I think of my favorites there is a pretty consistent theme; spending time with my family. I usually use all my Instapics  to recap the week and remind myself what my favorite moments have been - the ones I capture. 

Last week, this moment was by far one of my absolute favorites. 

We had taken a family trip to Target (which really is a favorite...for some reason, Ryan and I are suckers for punishment and love taking everyone shopping.) (And I know the reason, we like being together so much that we don't want to go to the store without the other). (It also works out better in our heads that in actual real life sometimes).


In the store we decided to let the kids grab a Lunchable and we would take them to a nearby park to enjoy this awesome weather. 


They love going to new parks and we love watching them play so it's a win-win for everyone. The wind that day was CRAZY so we huddled up next to the side of the school to block it and I looked up and saw our reflection in the doors and giggled at how cute we looked. Like high schoolers. Specifically 90s grunge teenagers with our plaid and chucks. So I told him to kiss me and snapped that pic. 

Picture Perfect, right? I mean, anyone following my InstaFeed would just swoon at the easiness of our marriage and lives. Darling kids, happy moments, super hot husband. Katy has it g-o-o-d. 


I hope you know the answer. 

The answer is that I DO have a good life. A great life, actually. But an imperfect one. I'm just like everyone else and my instafeed is about 10% of what actually happens. Ok, maybe 35% because I am totally an overgrammer. 

Approximately 5 hours after that I picture I was storming down a parking lot AT CHURCH so furious at him. I was mad y'all. Truth be told, he had hurt my feelings. Our church was celebrating world marriage day and were recognizing couples celebrating milestone years (5, 10, 15, etc...). That's us - we are celebrating 10 years in March. Ryan was in charge of getting our paperwork to the church to get our certificate at mass that evening. 

Well, guess what? 

Yes, that. It never happened. 

So after mass, we headed to the PAC (our church hall) for the dinner and dance. But he forgot to sign the kids up for the child care. 

And I lost it. Well, I actually kept my composure and decided that it was just better for us to go home at that point. I was frustrated, because I just really needed him to take care of that one thing. Partly because I had enough going on, but honestly (selfishly, perhaps) because I needed to feel important. He was defensive, because he "thought that signing us up for dinner took care of it all." And I know myself well enough to know that I needed to be away from people at that moment in time. So I stormed off. He walked fast after me. I was trying to keep it together for the kids, but they knew I was angry. I may have used my "loud angry voice".

Oh, and MY PARENTS were there, too. So that was lovely. 

Not my best marriage moment. 

But a real one. Marriage is hard. Marriage is frustrating. Marriage is two imperfect people sharing a life and love just hoping not to screw up kids along the way.


I don't type all this to make Ryan look bad. Or to make me look crazy. I'm sharing this to remind each of you that we all have moments when we don't like our favorites. But you know, I'd still take my least favorite moments with him over pretty much anything else any day of the week.

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  1. You know it's true love when you'll take the crappy moments - just as long as they are there with you. Love you, friend! And, you can always count on us to make you feel important! ;) You are the bomb!

    1. Yeah... just don't tell him that. ;) You're the best!

  2. Girl....if you had divulged to me the slight oversight Ryan made when we were texting I totally may have come over and kicked his ass! Haha...just kidding..kind of. I love this super honest post because we can all relate. We all want to feel like the things we care about most matter the MOST to our man.

    1. Feel free to still come do it! I'm sure he's pissed me off since then!

  3. You are one blessed mama. Thanks for sharing your life. It's inspiring. I don't aim for a perfect life, just a joyous and adventure-filled one. :)

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank you for such kind words - love sharing this space with you.