Tiny Tales Thursday...

Rad was around a bunch of new kids this week and came home with tears.

Me: What's wrong buddy??
Rad: Nothing, I'm fine.
Me: Raaddley - what's wrong. Talk to me...
Rad: It's just...some of the girls there... they were mean. They asked me if I was a girl or a boy because of my hair.

At this point he's wiping away crocodile tears. And then...

Emmy: WHAT?? Who was it??? I should have come with you because I would have punched them in the face. Your hair is awesome!

And while I told Emersyn we probably shouldn't punch people in the face... I was silently screaming "Heck yeah, Emmy ... you get'em!"


  1. It's totally ok to punch them in the fact if you are standing up for your sibling! Go, Emmy!!!

  2. Lol! Sibling love is like none other! I would've punched anyone in the face that messed with my brothers. Well...at least given them a look that said, "I'm bout' to punch you in the face!"