While the kids were enjoying a day off from school at Gigi and Pops' house - I was enjoying the comfort of my bed, in an empty and quiet house with a delicious cup of coffee. Did I mention the house was empty because #heaven. 

The next day the house wasn't so quiet or empty and after a long night at work I overslept. So if I said I woke up like this, every one would believe me because well, #itstrue.

Emersyn felt a little left out on not getting any doctor visits so it was her turn to be sick. I picked her up from school on Tuesday and she was rocking a 103. By Wednesday morning her fever was gone, ears were clear, throat looked fine and we were sent home with "a cold". 

The extra snuggles were nice and who doesn't wish they were this cute sick. 

My kids are kind of obsesses with "McAlisters sandwich night". I make homemade club sammies and every single bite gets eaten. I even indulged with an unwich club that Radley just loved. 

He's also loving his chess board - I mean what 8 year olds sit and enjoy an afternoon game of chess? These kids. And that makes me love them bigger than you can imagine. 

And she loves this cat bigger than you can imagine. Seriously. 

On Friday we got an early start celebrating Gigi with a fun dinner out... 

followed by a show. 

Million Dollar Quartet was AMAZING! Such great music, so much fun, we sang for 2 hours straight and new all the words to every song. Happy birthday, Gigi! 

I love these moments with our family. I just love celebrating all of life with the ones I love most. 

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