As part of my 3C movement, I vowed not to fill the kids love mailboxes with a bunch that third C. You know... all that c*** that they just don't need. And, I'm pretty pleased with myself for sticking to it. I though it would be fun to be a bit unconventional and give them something they could DO instead of just HAVE. 

Rad was gifted a combo chess/checker board that belonged to Ryan's dad and was so excited y'all. 

The girls each got a new princess for their "Little People" collection that my mom bought TWO Christmases ago that we had just put away for a rainy day.

And then we got to the part that I was most excited about - the Mentos Challenge and the kids were pretty excited about this too. We made our way outside, and got everything set up and went one at time anticipating a giant sticky mess of fun.

Landry was first up... she was too nervous so Ryan did the honors.

Then it was Emersyn's turn...

And finally Rad.

And this is the face that tells it all.

Ummm... we were all expecting a VOLCANO of coke. We got a baby geyser. 

Regardless, they LOVED it. They loved that it was something fun for us to do together and they loved that we tried something new. And I loved that we immediately recycled those bottles and had an entire day to celebrate the love that makes our hearts explode!

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  1. I'm totally on board with the c#*% - I gave ours coupons! ;)