February Goals + A Giveaway

I'm not really sure how February happened so fast, but it's here and that's just crazy. It's also super fun because my birthday is in February and well, clearly that is awesome news. I'm going to try something new and make monthly goals - nothing crazy or out of this world, because ain't nobody got time for that. BUT, I do think it's important to write things down to hold yourself accountable and I think it's fun to read about what other people are doing/working on. Plus, if you see it, then I feel more obligated to actually follow through.


I'm also a sucker for alliteration, so here are my February Goals in: Faith, Family, Friends and Fun!
I LOVED working through the Seamless bible study this summer. It enriched my life in so many more ways than I would have imagined. I strengthened friendships, gained new ones and of course felt more connected in His word. I've had a study based on friendship for almost 5 years that I haven't even cracked open. This month, I'm going to set aside time each week to immerse myself in His word and let it lead me where ever I should go.  

I also want to work on my prayer life WITH Ryan. We pray nightly with the kids and have prayer lives as individuals, but we need honestly need to work on praying together. Any tips you have? What do you and your spouse do for your prayer life? 
The spring semester is CER-AA-ZEEE for me. Weekends in March and April are basically booked with programs, so while I have the time, I want to focus on spending time as We5Kings with no agenda. Yeah, weird, right? We seem to have the most fun on unplanned events, weekends working in the yard, exploring the park, riding our bikes and just being together. (I think it has something to do with lowered expectations, go figure). Making the most of the every day, every day. 

With the hustle+bustle of this semester added to the weeks of single parenting, this momma gets tired. I really want to work on the guilt factor of leaving the kids at home every now and then to just enjoy a night (or an hour) with friends. Coffee, wine, a late night movie - time to just decompress and fill up with the blessings of friends. I also want to be as available as I can to just listen, pray for, pray with and relish the blessings of friends.

And fun - mostly here in this space. At the end of last year I got so stressed that I didn't post enough, or it isn't meaningful enough or I'm not doing enough for people that stop by. That's just silly. I'm totally outgoing and the worlds biggest extrovert - there isn't a stranger that I haven't become besties with but I get all shy in the blog world. I started this blog to remember moments as our family grew, but through that I've made some great friendships and have loved connecting with other bloggers. I'd love to find that balance of blogging with purpose but making sure it stays fun. So - what do you want to read? What do you want to chat about? What are your favorite posts that I've written? How do I make this space fun for you? 

A good way to start is with a fantastic giveaway with my friends Holly and Shelly! We are giving away a Hug in a Mug that includes a fabulous gift card to Starbucks so you can share some hugs (because let's be honest, coffee is basically a giant hug) with someone you love! 

Enter here!

Meg from the Life of Meg
and the ladies from 100 Happy Days
KateAlisonLinzeeElizabethValerie, and Tiffany


  1. So fun! I too desperately miss our Bible study! And, YES to more time with friends! ;)

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