Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Pins

If you've been around here for more than a hot minute you know that I never lie about three things:
1. Food
2. Clothes
3. Food

Well, I think we can add a fourth today...

4. Pinterest Pins

I will never ever lie to you about my love for pins I've tried from Pinterest. Ever. Which means you are in luck for today's Show and Tell topic... 

Fair warning, I was getting a bit carried away in my "research" for today's topic so I have more featured pins than I was intending.  I'll try to keep it short and sweet. 

And remember - I NEVER lie about pins. Let's get this party started...

From the Queen... 

Here are the most pinned items from this little ol' blog. 

I gave homemade laundry detergent a try waaaayyyy back in June and y'all... we still haven't run out. It's so amazing. You can read all about how to make it here and then my three month update here

This pin has driven more traffic to my blog than anything else - over 10K hits on that post alone. (Which is big time around here). And, I'd still buy the same things today. So if you, or your bestie, or your cousin or your sister from another mister are having a baby... I can't recommend those products enough. 

This is by far the most pinned picture, and its clearly because those 3 kiddos are darling. It's also crazy and accidental. I was writing a post for YMM and needed a tree pic and I was too lazy to save and then upload the picture to YMM to pin, so I pinned straight from here, and well... 5000+ pins later and this picture has shown up everywhere. It's just insane!! I also wish they were all this little again!

Ok, this pin hasn't gone viral... but y'all. This may be one of my favorite posts I've ever written. All 3 of our kids got lice. At the same time. And we have a LOT of hair around here. And it was just hysterical. So, save this one, mommas... because you or a friend of yours is going to need it one day. 

Pinterest Wins:

Here are pins that I have used and give my big fat stamp of approval on every one!

This was one of my first Pinterest projects. I can't explain how simple it was and those valences are still hanging today. So stinking easy, so stinking cute, so stinking cheap! 

I loved every single thing about Landry's 2nd birthday - it was easily one of my most favorite birthday parties we've ever put together. I mean, so what if I was literally half way around the world the day before the big event. We got tons of darling ideas from Pinterest and our finished Pinspired product turned out great! 

(And all the credit goes to Ryan, because we did lots of the work while I was gone! Pretty in Pink was so much fun!

When I was pregnant with Landry we needed a neutral nursery theme since we didn't find out the gender. I fell in love with the idea of an alphabet wall and as soon as I saw this version, I was sold. 

We've since turned her room into the play room but it's still my favorite room in the house. I just love how everything turned out and dare I say, our alphabet turned out even dreamier than our Pinspiration? :)  

Click that pin. Read the directions. Go to the store. Buy the ingredients. Make these stackers. I do this every single Sunday and I still haven't gotten sick of these delightful treats! So yummy! (And y'all, I never lie about food or pins!) 

And if that looks good, then you HAVE to try this! 

Want to do/Wish I had/Will never have:

Here are some pins I have yet to try/really love/have no use for! (HA!)

Boards you should follow: 
Hopefully by now you're following along with my friend Shelly, also known as the Queen in Between. Y'all her pins are everywhere because her fashion is always on point. Seriously! Two of my favorites of hers ... 

I mean, can she rock a scarf or what? 

 And she switches up outfits like this all the time! Get all the latest from closet by following along!

Holly  also has some amazing content to follow on Pinterest! If you haven't been keeping up with her KonMari posts then you are missing out! 

She also hosts a weekly link-up party every Wednesday and you can follow all of her featured posts here. So much good stuff!

I could seriously just keep going, but it's late... I have to work tomorrow and I should probably work a shower into my day at some point. I can't wait to check out all the awesome pins from everyone and make some awesome new discoveries today! You can always follow me along on Pinterest, too!

Here's the rest of Show and Tell Tuesdays - seriously one of my favorite link-ups from Andrea

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  1. Ahh, that Christmas tree photo brings me back to December. Really cute pins.