This may be the shortest InstaKings ever. Honestly, it's because I rely so heavily on my phone to capture our moments these days that I've used those pictures in actual posts. I should probably start using my big girl camera more often. 

One afternoon Radley asked me if he could take a nap and when I looked up at him I honestly thought I was looking in a mirror. He's gotten so long and his hair and my hair are the exact same color and since it's gotten so long, I just had to laugh at how identical we seem. 

I promise that these kids are half of Ryan - they just really look like me.

We have a Starbucks in the bookstore down stairs from my office so I take advantage of their frequent user card. You know the first nine times I bought one I got a tall and then the free is always a venti!

Besides the perks of coffee, this year the Division of Student Affairs has allocated funding for wellness classes that all DSA staff can take for free. This group of MSC women signed up for yoga so you can imagine our surprise when Thursdays ended up being resistance training instead. 

#werockedit #Imakeanawfulmeanmug

Friday was a fun day in our house. 
Landry's school was celebrating Disney
Emmy got to dress like a cowgirl
And well, Radley got to be an 8 year old boy that dresses himself. 

And that's us in an instant!

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