Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley has been preparing for his First Communion all year and this weekend is the big day. We have obviously been talking quite a bit about this at home so Emersyn has become increasingly interested into what was formerly known as the "little snackie" Ryan and I get at mass.

Emmy: So Radley is going to get a snack at church now, too?
Me: Yes, Radley will get to take communion with me and Daddy.
Emmy: The body of Christ, right? Like his real body?
Me: Yes, it's the body of Christ just as Jesus gave the disciples.
Emmy: eyes wide open What if he THROWS.UP?!?!
Me: He won't.
Emmy: And then he will DRINK the BLOOD!!!????
Me: Yes, and then he gets the blood of Christ.
Emmy: For real? His BLOOD?
Emmy: I would definitely throw up.

The Catholic struggle is real.


  1. My nieces first communion last week was so beautiful. I loved the message the priest gave.

    1. I'm really looking forward to it - he's pretty excited and I just love the pageantry of the sacraments.

  2. Can I just bottle her up?! I literally LOLed!!!

    1. I probably could have/should have responded better, but I couldn't help myself. :)