You're gonna miss this...

As any parent knows and understand - we are going to miss things. Working parent or not, we just can't be at every thing all the time, even if we wanted to. We just can't. 

And it sucks. And it's hard. And you always feel like you're failing at something. Motherhood, friendship, work, whatever it is you are giving up... you feel like you fail. This month is just crazy at work for me - I have worked every Saturday in April and I LOVE it, I really do. My students do great work and we have so much fun and I am so energized by watching them shine.

But I miss moments like this. 

I miss seeing her smile while Daddy is next to her coaching her on.

And maybe sneaking a tickle in?

And y'all - it's ok. This is your permission slip to live and go and do and be something else. It's okay to miss stuff. Will they notice? Absolutely - but y'all... what a great opportunity to talk to our kids about responsibility, passion, friendship, commitment, loyalty... it's AMAZING to be the parent that isn't in the lead all the time. 

Let them see that life is full of hard choices and big decisions. Let them see us manage a heavy load. Let them understand that is okay to ask for help. Let them work through disappointment now when it's mommy missing a soccer game so when it's a bigger moment they have a starting ground to leap from. 

Let them see you "pass the ball" when someone else is calling for it. Let them see that accepting help from others is just as important as offering help. 

And here's the thing... sometimes we drop the ball. Big. We let that sucker just fly right out of our hands into a the land of the unknown. It's as if the damn thing has been coated in Vaseline and we can't keep it to save our soul. 

And that when they do drop that ball, we will be right there behind them, ready to help them pick it up. 

As much as this season of life is crazy and hectic and scattered and messy... I will miss this. Because the truth is, I already do. But, I am thankful, grateful, and joy-filled to know that my people are there to help. 

And a big shout out to Holly who saw that I was missing something and made sure I still felt like I was there. I promise to do the same, friends!

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  1. Ah, you are too much! Happy to be there and snap a few pics! LOVE watching your little family do life!