I am clearly behind, so here's what the last 2/3 of March looked like from my phone.

Ryan had spring break off for the first time EVER so we took advantage and headed out on a road trip!

We had the best time visiting Arkansas and even took a quick trip to Memphis because what's two more hours. We had a great time but couldn't wait to get back home because we had this sweet girl to celebrate. She went to bed as my three year old baby...

and woke up my four-year-old big kid. Four is so hard for me - I just feel like it really is the beginning of being big and the little is slowly fading away. But she still says she's my baby. And she still likes to snuggle. And be carried. And says her "Ls" like "Ws" so I'm going to hang on as long as I can.

I love asking the girls if they want to do makeovers. Their eyes light up, their smiles cover their faces and their entire day is made. And all it takes is 15 minutes. And I always think, "Why don't I do this more often?" 

I took my annual "which one of these do i want to kill trip" to Lowe's ... I went with petunias. 

The morning of Landry's birthday the girls decided that she needed an egg hunt. Luckily we have 100s of plastic eggs and enough tchotchkes to fill them with!

Her birthday party turned out even cuter than I could have ever imagined

And the party continued when she got back to school. Her teachers wouldn't let the day go by without her being able to celebrate her special day - she didn't mind one single bit.








Remember when Emmy wanted to run away? This was her bag.

Egg hunt #1...

Egg hunt #2...

And then a day off to celebrate the bestie! I drove up to Waco to surprise Jenni and we had the best afternoon. Lunch, shopping and nails - all with just people that can unbuckle their own seatbelt, cut their own food and wash hand unprompted. It was glorious!

We headed back to College Station that night so we could celebrate Caroline turning EIGHT! How in the world are these girls so big?? She had the most darling dance party and both of my girls have already to do the same for their next birthdays.

We hopped back in the car and headed north to celebrate Easter in Waco.

We made time for a Texas tradition...

and then ate at one of my favorite places. When we were all done with dinner, Landry looked over at me and in the sweetest voice you can imagine asked, "Mommy... is there a baby in your belly??"

#nobaby #justlotsofrolls

We headed to Easter Vigil mass and the girls lasted as long as they could. When I looked over and saw them sleeping, I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful site than them in those church pews, surrounded by worship for a savior that saves. 

He drove back to CS that Sunday and had some awesome time with our sweet besties. An afternoon of fun in the sun was just what 5 of the 6 needed...


On Monday, I got to see months of hard work come to fruition for my students. in 3 hours, 145 volunteers packed 37,152 meals. 3700 stayed in College Station and the remaining meals were shipped to Haiti. Seriously could not have been more proud.

I love how much my girls love each other. 

Except maybe they could quit being sick on the same day? 

And on the last day of the month, this dear friend celebrated 37. The day before she was in town for roughly 2 hours and I got to treat her to lunch, hear about her dreams coming to life and plan for our next scheme!

And that's us in an instant!

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