Another week, another view of life from my phone.

Last Friday Landry was home with a fever, she hadn't slept well the night before - basically it was the perfect day for my new favorite t-shirt. SorryNotSorry for how many times you will see me wearing this. I would link to it, but it's not showing up. It cost $9 at WalMart (don't tell my dad).

After lots of rest and some major amounts of coffee, I made my way up to campus on Saturday morning for one of our last events of the year. This was a NEW event for my crew and they basically kicked it's butt. They hosted a "Run the Ramps" 5K at Kyle Field - meaning runners had to run UP the ramps. Y'all - people are crazy. It was so much fun and really such an awesome run... I may have to attempt it next year. Or not. You really can't beat the view!

So, I just finished watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix (after some major insistence from Cindy - who has yet to watch Gilmore Girls and I'm not sure how much longer we can be friends if she doesn't start soon.) and it instantly became one of my FAVORITES. Super easy to watch, funny and let's note get started on the amazing wardrobe. I had a super productive meeting with Lucy on Monday and we came up with this little ditty. Y'all. If I could move to Stars Hollow or Blue Bell, I would. I TOTALLY would - but the debate is out on which one is superior. What would you choose and why? 

The debate begins June 1... 

April is such a bittersweet month around here - I've spent all year working with amazing young adults and had the pleasure of watching them grow and soar and student leaders on this campus! We had an event and I totally missed the memo on attire. (I actually forgot what day it was). Proud advisor nonetheless! 

Also super proud momma! This kid is bigger than I'd like to admit and has been prepping to take his First Communion all year. We all know how Emmy feels about this but Radley is super excited. Each candidate was asked to make a flag that will be displayed as part of mass and I love the design Rad came up with. He traced and cut out every little thing on there, I just operated the hot glue gun.

By Wednesday morning we had seen three of four seasons this week and y'all... my curls were still rocking. I took a shower on Monday night after work and fixed my hair because I didn't want to deal with it on Tuesday. This was them on Wednesday thanks to lots of hairspray and some dry shampoo. 

So, dry shampoo? Favorite.
This skirt from Jcrew? SUPER Favorite. 

The sun came out long enough for my students to hang up their sign advertising their final event of the year. Seriously so much fun! If you are around make plans to come to Kyle Field Day!

Some people are excited when they PRed a run, or finished that crazy hard WOD, or fit into a pair of pants that haven't seen the light of day since 1999, I'm over here ecstatic that I haven't washed my hair since Monday and managed to make a pony tail look appropriate for work. 

Walking our neighborhood is so much fun after rain! Lots of puddles and huge drainage ditch to explore. They had so much fun that they held hands on the way home. And I didn't even tell them to. 

And that's us in an instant!

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  1. I'm missing too much of your IG...loving that blue skirt and top. So, so cute! I was super sad the skirt did not look that cute on me. I haven't washed my hair since monday....yes...even after the way I looked last night I salvaged the hair . haha