Sacraments, soccer, service and cinema...

Saturday was just **slightly** jam-packed but it was all-the-way awesome! 

We started our morning at dress rehearsal for Radley's first communion. He was thrilled to get dressed up two days in a row. ;) I was excited to get to snap a few day of pics early! :)

I also tried to play around with the lighting in the church so I'd be prepped for the big day of picture snapping and happened to catch these sweet girls twirling in their dresses. I LOVE this part of communion. I love that their wedding day won't be the first time they step into a gown that made them feel beautiful. I love that during baptism and communion they are ready to make a commitment to the church and as they grow up, that love will flourish in Him. 

From sacramental prep to the soccer field! We made a quick switch as I headed up to work and Ryan, the kids and my parents headed to watch Rad's last soccer game. They ended the Spring season on top and Rad scored a goal in his final year with CS Soccer Club. 

Next year he's going to start training with a local club organization and he's pretty darn excited about it - I'm a little nervous but if this makes him happy and challenges his skill then I'm all for it!

After lunch, naps and a quick change of clothes, they were on campus with me for my students' biggest event of the year - Kyle Field Day! We were extra excited because after two years away, the event returned to our flagship facility and everyone got to enjoy KYLE FIELD! Miss Reveille was just about to leave as the kiddos arrived - the girls even love this dog. 


I love this day. I love that it takes a year of planning and hard work to bring these tiny pieces together. I love that it promotes a commitment to serve beyond the event. I love that freshmen students at Texas A&M facilitate an event that brings in over 2000 people! And I clearly love that kiddos and their friends get to enjoy every single bit of it. 

If that wasn't enough fun, MSC FISH partnered with A&M's student athletes to make their annual Film on the Field event part of KFD. So as we were cleaning up a day of service, people were getting comfortable on the field for a screening of one of my favorite football movies - Remember the Titans. SO MUCH AWESOME.

The kids were clearly into the movie. 

I can't get over the fact that my job lets my kids hang with some of the most amazing young adults around. I hope they are osmosising (what? It's totally a word.) their awesomeness into their tiny bodies because that would make my job parenting older kids a breeze. 

They {heart} Kyle Field Day. 

And I {heart} them. 

I also loved that night's sleep, but the weekend wasn't over yet... 

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  1. LOVE your recaps!!! And, the family picture is perfection!