Here's a sneak peek into the exciting, crazy lives of We5Kings the last two weeks via my phone... 

How many times have you gotten the "what would your last meal on earth be" question? 

Dozens at least. 

Well, don't be too jealous, but this meal ranks pretty high on my list. 

Frosted Flakes with chocolate milk and two pieces of toast cut into three slices for dipping. 

And this was my last meal before my 2nd round of #Whole30. 

You can't get much cuter than some springtime Sunday Sweetness. How darling are these dresses?? I always wish they made their clothes in my size and these are no exception. DARLING.

The past few weeks have been filled with perfect weather days and we hit the jackpot on this Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining down as MSC FISH hosted their inaugural Veterans' Picnic for our Aggie vets. Always so proud of this group!

Our schools have early release once/six weeks and we took advantage! I took the bigs home to finish up homework and then we grabbed Landry and headed to see Zootopia. Seriously such a great movie about social justice and thinking twice before stereotyping - and the best thing is it's done in a way for kids to understand and launch some pretty awesome follow-up conversations. 

Well done, Disney!

Then we headed for a mid-week soccer practice. The local club team is hosting a free month for kids that may be interested in joining so we took full advantage. The girls took full advantage of crown making - even Violet got some love. 

It was **such** a big moment that in a MIRACULOUS turn of events, Ryan was able to come HOME in the middle of the week. 

For soccer. 

I mean. Let's evaluate this prioritization. 

He did leave me sweet notes the next morning. 17 years - that is crazy talk. 

Aggies celebrate Parents' Weekend in the spring and it's always one of my favorite mornings. I love getting to brag about all the work my students have done throughout the year to their parents. Over the last 12 years I have gotten to work with some amazing teams and this year has been one of the best. 

They also know how to have fun.

And will hurt anyone that comes near my kids.


And then this happened....

Isn't it amazing how a little alone time in Target can work magic. This night I managed to hit up Target, Walmart and HEB. 

We made time for cookies with Hudson...

and another night of soccer. This time he just wanted me to drop him off. Where did my baby go? 

And that's us in an instant!

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