How does your garden grow...

Tis the season for picking weeds, moving dirt, planting veggies and waiting for the birds to enjoy all the literal fruits of our labor. 



Ryan and I decided that we are all in for our little garden area this year and recruited some of the cutest muscle around to help. 

While the girls were busy rescuing doodle bugs...

Rad had serious enough work to do for the hair to come back.

He wouldn't let me man bun it... but it's bound to happen sooner or later, right??


She must have had at least a dozen in there and named them all and really wanted to bring them inside to live. I think I distracted her with some gum.

I got a wild hair and decided to post their clubhouse on a local Facebook group so Radley volunteered to power wash it. One hour and $60 later and that was an excellent decision!

The next day, we started mapping out the garden...

and cutting timbers for our raised beds.

Landry was eagerly moving some dirt (while looking for bugs)... 

and Emersyn was putting together a menu for her new restaurant. 

(And that's when I got to actual work and quit taking pictures).

This weekend we were back at it and everyone was all in... hauling...


and taking the occasional break.

(Also - why does she look so grown up?!?!)

When it was all said and done... we were one step closer to a summer of fresh veggies straight from our back yard. 

Stay tuned... 


  1. Love it! This is something I've always wanted us to do! Maybe next year...I don't think Mike wants me digging up any of his fresh laid sod! :) Can't wait to see your harvest!