Tiny Tales Thursday...

We have hit the age of copy cat. You know...the game siblings play to annoy each other. The never ending mocking of the one that is the easiest target at the moment. So much fun. Especially when they are doing this in a place that I can't escape - like driving the car.

Today, it went something like this:

Rad: Emmy, stop it.
Emmy: Emmy, stop it. (but in that whiny voice that the copy catter uses).
Rad: Em-my. Stop.
Emmy: Em-my. Stop.
Rad: I mean it.
Emmy: I mean it.
Me: trying to ignore them so they can work it out.
Rad: Emmy. That's not nice.
Emmy: Emmy. That's not nice.
Rad: Dear God, please help Emersyn not be so mean to her kind big brother.
Emmy: Dear God, please help me be mean to my mean big brother.
Me: Dear God, please don't let me lose it because this has gotten hilarious and I'm trying not to laugh.
Emmy: Fine... Dear God, help me be kind and loving.
Me: Man, that was just getting funny...


  1. Tiny Tales - the BEST part of my Thursday! Oh to be a fly on the wall (or in the car!) when the Kings are around! Precious!!!

  2. You are so going to be so happy you have chronicled all this goodness!!