Queen Bees: The Update

One of my most favorite favorite FAVORITE parts of this crazy blog world is reading all the stories that people share every.single.day.

Stories that make me laugh.
Stories that make me cry.
Stories that make me think.
Stories that give me courage.
Stories that stay with me.

And I love discovering all of these stories through link-ups - clicking on catchy titles, awesome sneak peek pictures and wondering what took me so long to find them! This is exactly what Shelly and I had hoped what Queen Bees would become... a place for us to connect others. But guess, what...

Haha! That's right - we knew that this was a tough{er} topic to discuss - and if we're honest (which we always are), it was TOUGH for us to come up with posts each month. NOT because we don't have tons of women that we could gush about it - because we do - but it's just not the easiest topic. But our goal still remains and we really want to create a space that welcomes you in like a friend. A place where you can share YOUR fashion tips, favorite recipes, funny stories, moments of hard and days of success.

No matter if you're married, have kids, have grandkids, work in or outside the home - all of you are QUEEN BEES in our book. So, we are heading back to the drawing board, uncorking a bottle (or 2) of wine and we will be back next month - stay tuned and plan on being welcomed in. We can't wait to read your stories!

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  1. Love this linkup and I am a faithful "groupie" to it. Another great place to share my blogging friends I meet along the way. Thanks for hosting.