Birthday Favorites...

We hit a big milestone around here... Radley turned nine and I'd say I handled it pretty well. Since his actual birthday landed on a Tuesday, we kept things pretty low-key. He woke up to our traditional birthday sign and special plate and Ryan made pancakes. 

Then it was time to open up all his gifts and the girls were just as excited as he was. Can you guess which two were from them?

We leave this afternoon for a fun weekend getaway to visit the Houston aquarium and he gets to bring a friend, so the gifts were pretty modest. I think the winner for this year goes to Landry with the stuffed Pikachu. 

Well, until he opened the check from Gigi and Pops. 

"Mom... Did you see this? We need to put it straight into my bank."


We got Emmy to snap a quick picture of just us three before heading out for school and work.

When we snapped one of these three, I about died... how did he get so BIG!?!

Okay, one more for good measure. He just felt so big to me. He literally woke up and we only had the same amount of time with him home as he has been home. And it's crazy and amazing all at the same time. This was the most excited he's been about a birthday - you could tell that he feels how much he is growing up and that makes me excited for him. As much as I miss the "little" I am so in love with the "right now" and can't even begin to imagine the "what is yet to come". 

This kid is a dream. He's brilliant and kind and funny and brave and strong and ours. He is OURS and I am so grateful for that.

Due to an unfortunate circumstance at Pei Wei wasn't a dinner option, so he picked Freebirds instead and got an extra treat when Miss Elizabeth was able to join us. All the amazing Aggies we have in our lives is truly a favorite of the kids so he was thrilled when she took the time to celebrate!

I don't think I've ever seen any of these kids eat so much so fast.

Which was great because that just meant that we could get home sooner for cake!

Seriously. HE IS SO BIG!

We finished the day with some major Pokemon sorting, nerf gun shooting and a sweet show from his sisters. 

What a great day celebrating our number one guy.

Happy birthday, Radley!

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  1. I have a 9 year old too but yours looks way taller! I love his shirt - perfect for him. Happy birthday!

  2. He does look so big in these pics! I think his haircut has made him look older too. How fun to be celebrated and loved so huge!