Fed+Fit: A Momma's Review

I am so excited about today's post because there is very little that I love more than sharing good food with people. It's in my bones, my mom's gift of hospitality was thankfully passed down to me and I have adopted her "the more the merrier" credo for as long as I can remember. Anytime people need a home away from home, hot meal, warm couch, and yummy food I just pray that they know there is always a seat at our table. 

It's the only thing I know - My godparents owned the best little dive in Baton Rouge and as soon as we walked in my Uncle Mitch would point to a table and say "eat". He was known to take hot plates from other customers and give them to us. He made crawfish at 10am and we were expected to eat it. And we did. 

My momma has cooked for our hometown varsity football team on more than one occasion, fed an entire team of UPS drivers and even made spaghetti for our wedding rehearsal dinner (we had over 100 people at our rehearsal, y'all.)

We love to feed people. 

It's just part of who we are. 

I seriously can't explain how happy I am to watch people just enjoy what I cook. I'm smiling as I type this. Poor Ryan, when I think I've discovered the "perfect bite" of any given meal and gather all of those foods onto one fork, I immediately shove it in his face and say, "taste this"... by now he's learned to be super excited about how good it tastes because he knows if he doesn't then I will be legitimately sad. 

So, all that to say, I am so excited to talk about my new FAVORITE cookbook, Fed+Fit that is going to just make you and anyone you cook for SMILE. And the bonus is that you are feeding them food you can feel GOOD about! #praisehands

I started following Cassy on Instagram a while back (you should, too!). She was one of Cindy's student employees while at A&M and once she graduated, she adopted a paleo lifestyle and started blogging her journey. She has since gained 1000s of followers, 100s of recipes and a semi-stalker in me. She's just darling and represents Aggieland so well.  She's always sharing tips and tricks and amazing recipes and you will love her. (And she's also on Snapchat, sharing recipes, tips on eating out, and adorable snaps of her dog, Gus. I'm not even a dog person and I want Gus. He's precious.)

Anyway, I pre-ordered the book and have had it about a month. I wanted to try several recipes and workouts before giving my clearly unsolicited review. Ha! 

So what do I think??

Well, I think you should GET IT NOW! Period the end. 

**Please note (again) that I am not a foodie blogger. I am a lazy blogger, therefore my food pictures aren't that pretty.** 

1. It's a complete guide to health. She breaks down our health into four pillars and partners research and experience into why each of these is so important for us to reach and lead a healthy life.

2. There are TONS of pictures - like every recipe has a picture and as a visual person, this was awesome. 

I had to pat myself on the back for this one. I mean it looks **almost** as pretty as the picture. We made this for our back to school brinner and while the kids didn't love the sweet potatoes, they wanted to taste it and ate up the eggs. And bonus: I had a healthy breakfast for the week with the leftovers. 

3. She has the best names for her recipes. 

4. Workouts can easily be done anywhere. Juli Bauer of PaleOMG (who you should also follow on Insta and ESPECIALLY Snapchat because she's hilarious. She cusses more than I do and leaves me rolling with laughter every day) who is like a Crossfit rockstar came up with 28 days worth of workouts. You can see a sample here on Fed+Fit

And as an added bonus - they included PICTURES for each and every MOVEMENT. Y'all. This is awesome sauce. 

5. It includes QR codes for her Fed+Fit app that downloads recipe ingredients straight to your phone. (Disclaimer: This function hasn't been finalized yet, but it will be awesome).

6. DAMN GOOD FOOD. There is something for everyone. For example... Frizzled Chicken Bake (see #3). My kids ATE THESE UP and I did, too. AND, I felt GOOD about what I was feeding them.

7. Makes you think outside the box. Y'all. This is a healthy-eating/lifestyle change guide. So the food is going to be full of ingredients you've never tried (or maybe even heard of). She has a cauliflower mac and cheese that calls for nutritional yeast. Full disclosure - it wasn't my absolute favorite, but it got me try something new and make me think about how else I can change some of my favorite comfort meals into healthier options. 

8. There is something for everyone. 

This gumbo was to die for. Full of flavor and so simple to put together. Since it has quite a kick, we adapted it for the kids by serving it over noodles to soak up the heat and mixing in some goat cheese to cut the spice. They gobbled it up and we did, too!

9. Complete meals for a complete day. We make our weekly menus every weekend and have used this book for the past month in doing so. Total meals from the start of your day, to what you snack on (think homemade gummies) to a delicious dinner. 

Including...homemade coffee creamer!!!!

10. She's an Aggie.

Seriously, I can't recommend this book enough. You'll be so happy you added it to your collection, I know I am! One of my favorite things in the world to do is cook with Ryan; every Sunday we turn up the music, pour the wine/brew coffee and slice and dice our way through the kitchen. The kids help, we laugh, connect and get our week started by choosing what we will fuel our bodies with. Doing anything new will take time, but don't let that stop you from trying. That first Whole30 Cindy and I did way back in November really changed how I viewed food. I always "knew" that I should put good things in my body, but that experience SHOWED me. So now I just want everyone else to know how good it feels, too! 

Happy to answer any questions that I can - just leave a comment!

Also check out the Fed+Fit webpage because she posts new recipes every.single.week. 


  1. Holy yum! I'm totally going to order! I'm loving Shay's cookbook too..but I'm feeling the pounds add up on my ass. haha Seriously though I made a shrimp dish last night that I could have licked off the plate. Damn good. We need to go on a foodie roadtrip.

  2. Also....why do workout chicks always want their boobs popping out the top of their tops?!! I mean strap those babies down you can't really do kettle ball swings with them hanging out like that. :)

  3. I really need to check this out! Thank you so much for sharing this review. The food really does look good!