Spiel the Beans: Little White Lies

Hey y'all.

I feel like I have to start this week's link-up with Shelly with a reminder that I never lie. Especially about the big three: food, clothes, and food.

I really don't lie. I think my parents really scared the shizzz out of me when I was younger because I am honest to a fault. Like too honest. Like, "girl that dress looks like crap on you" honest.

That being said... I will admit that I do tell the occasional "story" to my children.

Well, because.


So, my top ten false truths are...

10. The amount of time that has actually passed. If I tell them something will happen in 5 minutes, it's almost guaranteed to be at least triple that. For example... Every day when we get home from school, I tell the kids that I need 7 minutes. It's probably a good 15 before I come out of my room. This one is getting harder since the kids are getting smarter and all. #damnschool

9. Sometimes I "pretend" that their friends can't come play because they already have plans. This really just means that I never sent the text to ask.

8. Ingredients of food.

7. Pages in a book. I am definitely a page skipper, especially if it's long and especially if I'm not a big fan. Again, can't do this with Radley and Emersyn's reading skills are also throwing a kink in this maneuver.

6. What really happened to their party favor/Valentine/Easter/Halloween candy.... "you ate it all" is code for "I hid it and will eat it when I want to."

5. How much power my phone battery actually has.

4. Whether or not I have gum in my purse.

3. If the Buddy Bucks machine is "sleeping".

2. That we don't have any batteries when an annoying toy dies.

1. And of course the existence of the big four.... Santa, Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, and Elsa.

Haha - okay, maybe I tell a few more fibs than I'd like to admit. How about you? Any of these sound familiar...

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  1. I'm guilty of quite a few with my kids too!! And I totally eat some of my kids' candy

  2. Oh yes, I'm pretty sure I lie most often to my poor kids. Especially about the big 4... it never used to feel like a lie but now that they are getting older it really does. SO much so that I am hoping they all figure it out REAL soon!