Tiny Tales Thursday....

Landry was so excited about Radley's birthday. For the two days before she would tell everyone, "My brother's birthday is this week!!" or "My brother's birthday is TOMORROW!!" The day of she couldn't have been more proud to tell those same people, "My brother's birthday is today!!" And even after all the celebrating was done...

Ms. Brooke: Hi Landry!
Landry: Yesterday was Rad's birthday!
Ms. Brooke: Oh wow! Did you have fun?
Landry: Yes!
Ms. Brooke: What did you do?
Landry: We pwayed, and took Emmy to dance and then we went to eat!
Ms. Brooke: Where did you eat?
Landry: Ummmm.... ANGRY BIRDS!

And a new King family tradition began. We have Whatabooger, Chick-a-lay, and now Angry Birds.

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  1. Angry Birds! Yep, you can count on me to use that one from now on! LOVE it! And LOVE Tiny Tales Thursdays!