Friday Favorites: We've got FLARE

So a few weeks ago I was making a casual run through Target when I spotted a sign that said "BOGO Half Off Jeans".

So I did what any reasonable woman without "jeans" on her purchase list would do, and threw 4 pair into my buggy.

(Do y'all say buggy or basket?)

1 pair of black skinnies
1 pair of blue skinnies
1 pair of regular ol' jeans
1 pair of flare leg

And y'all.

The heavens opened, the angels sang and I heard the ghost of college past squeal in delight at the sight....


I can't really describe how happy this makes my college self. So I clearly bought them (and the black skinnies) and headed home for some maintenance. 


The goal is to also be able to wear them with flops/sandals if I want... I'm on my way.

The funny thing about wearing them with wedges is that they eat my foot. It's comical. 

But I don't care because...


Happy Friday everyone!

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