If you recall, my week began after a fantastic girls getaway to Austin. And if that wasn't enough, I arrived home to the most thought-filled gift from a sweet friend that understands the stress of a traveling husband. 

This guy's weekend wasn't as relaxing as mine. I actually slept so much that I couldn't fall asleep on Sunday evening. Sweet Ryan was out by 9. 

Millicent introduced Landry to the amazingness that is "slug bug" and now all three of my kids are hooked. I was totally that annoying person in the parking garage that stopped to snap a picture, but how could I pass this up?!

Ryan: wow... Do you have a big meeting or something?
Me: No... Why?
Ryan: You normally don't look so, ummm...
Me: Professional?
Ryan: I wasn't going to say that...
Me: I surprise even myself when I dress like a "grownup"... 

I did; however, miss the memo that we were wearing shades red to work. It was seriously the best thing I have ever seen and I refused to let anyone leave without snapping a picture!

Friday arrived which meant it was time for College Colors Day.

Every time a student came to visit this week, I snapped a picture. Some of them thought it was fun, some of them thought it was silly, all of them thought I was crazy. I think I just started a new back to school tradition! Although the first week back of students is really exhausting, it's also full of energy from student visits that create lots of laughs, catching up, setting goals and energizing me for the year ahead!

And if that wasn't fun enough - Radley and I got to go to the game!! My best guy friend from college sent me a text on Wednesday letting me know he had 4 tickets to the game and asked if I wanted to go with him. I clearly said yes and since his wife couldn't go, I brought Rad and we just had the best day!

Love how much this kid loves the Aggies.

There really is no place like home!

We seriously were so grateful for that cloud coverage.

We were committed to staying through half-time. This was sweet Olivia's first game, combined with ridiculous heat. After that FTA Band played, we headed to the Chicken to cool off and grab a bite to eat before going home. When we arrived we were happily surprised to see that the Aggies had pulled a pretty significant lead. We left with about 3 minutes left on the clock and the Aggies still with a comfortable lead. We then arrived at our house to find out that we were now in OVERTIME!


The Aggies did pull out a win, but that may not have even been the best part of the day. This spring Cindy asked me if the kids could help with an ad campaign that the Texas A&M Foundation was working on for football season. We happily said yes without really knowing if their pictures or filmed portions would be needed. Cut to this week when I got an email that all three would be featured in a segment at the first game of the season. Cindy got to see the footage first and told me that Emmy had a cute little line at the end. 

Y'all. She was so dang awesome! This was my phone exactly 1 second after it showed on the jumbotron. 

If you want to watch it, just click here. And pay close attention, you'll see Rad pushing his sisters on that giant maroon block at the beginning! 

Gig Them Aggies.



  1. That video was too cute! My Facebook feed was blown up with my friends at the Aggie game Saturday, I think I knew half the stadium, ;)
    I love your grownup picture day outfit. Very Cute! Have a great week!

    1. It was an awesome game day - love that Radley is so into it now, too! And thanks...maybe I'll dress like a grownup more often! HAHA!

  2. Your girl was A-dorable in that commercial! Love that you guys had such a fun game day. Friend you look adorable dressed all "professional"...and super tiny!

    1. I must admit that she was pretty cute - even if she is mine! ;) We had the best time on Saturday!!