My week started off great - I ran into Target and was literally the only customer in the store. I arrived at 7:59am, it opens at 8am. Picture heaven - it's kind of like that. I had to make a quick exchange for some of Rad's bday gifts and since I left with less than double the amount I spent on the original items, I rewarded myself Starbucks. 

Me: I'll take a grande Americano
Barista: No cream?
Me: No thanks, just black 
Guy behind me: I'll take a grande mocha frappacino with whip

#Iwin #coffeecoffeecoffee

As I made my way to my office, I took a little detour to this awesome office. Lauren was an exec in MSC FISH and to have her back on campus as a colleague is seriously a dream!! Can't wait to work with her again on some projects and watch her shine in this profession!

When I got home on Monday, the shoe fairy had dropped off these darling booties. My momma needed some shopping therapy and I'm always happy to oblige. Dad went to visit her in Baton Rouge (yes she's still there) so he made a special delivery on the way home. 

I could not be more excited!

Once the kiddos were all in bed, Ryan and I set up for a big celebration.

I always take a picture of the kiddos the night before their birthday. Going to bed one age and waking up another is one of life's cruelest necessities. I don't really want to stop them from growing up, but I hate to think of them as "not little" either. 

He had a pretty great day from start to finish - we love celebrating birthdays around here!

And although it was still hot outside, I couldn't wait to wear the booties - I think they looked perfect with my striped dress. 

Love that he still appeases me and lets me take his picture.

I brought him his favorite lunch and we sat and laughed the entire 30 minutes in the cafeteria. No distractions, no siblings, so phones... just us. 

We had  few extra passengers in the car that afternoon and when I turned around, I thought I would cry. I snapped this picture and sent it to Ryan... I am literally living the mini-van dream.

#thatsathing #anditisawesome 

Nine years exactly with this kid... he has made all of our wishes come true.

Wednesday afternoon we had the pleasure of meeting the two most darling chicks in the history of the world. 

This is Boo. 

This is Lily.

This is me never wanting to hand Lily back over.

This is Lily meeting Lillian Landry.


And this is the sweetest, giggliest, bestest after-school day we've had. We all want to go buy some chicks now. 

I had almost forgotten that Emmy took some pictures for Visit Aggieland until Patsy posted this on FB since Caroline is in it, too. How fun is this van?? We need to find it and take a picture of her in front!

We headed to Houston on Friday afternoon to celebrate Rad's birthday on Saturday. He got to pick a friend to join us and he chose Gabe, these sweetest friend that lives in our neighborhood and is also in the DL program with Radley. They get along so well and it was just such a treat to have him along.

They stayed up late talking Pokemon and making plans to be college roomies. On Saturday morning we headed out to the Downtown Aquarium ...

where they faked smiles because I interrupted their morning for a picture. 


I just love this kid and so glad he had so much fun!

Dad also delivered these old jugs and jars hidden in all my PaPaws old stuff. I wasn't quite sure what to do with them, but decided I needed to take advantage of all that rusty goodness. 

How fun does my porch look for fall?

The jugs were a perfect touch...

And Emerysn did a great job helping me pick all these guaranteed-not-to-die-because-they-are-fake plants out today.

Seriously couldn't be more ready for that cool weather to roll in!

And that's us in an instant!! How was your week?


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