What a fun week we had - this semester is already flying by - the Aggies are on week 5 which means we just have 10 to go...crazy cakes. I like to keep Monday simple and comfortable. It's my longest day of the week so I want to wear something that won't annoy me on hour 10. I may have taken it a bit too far because the dress is 2 sizes too big, the sweater is marked XXL and I technically could have gone down a half size on the boots.

Just call me Truvy. 

These girls. What gems that are to me. They were on the FISH exec team last year and we share a love of service, the Aggies, driving the guy execs crazy and ... Gilmore Girls. I'm not sure who's idea it was but we had a "Gilmore" night of eating nothing healthy and watching tv. 

Mission accomplished.

(This is where I am supposed to tell you that I didn't eat any of that bc I'm on Whole30 again, but I would totally be lying. And if Whole30 taught me anything, it's to not feel guilty about food. Y'all. I didn't feel one bit of guilt. The only thing I regretted was that we ate all those damn cinnamon rolls and I didn't have any for breakfast.)

(ps. Queso is amazing over fried rice). 

We stayed up past my normal bedtime so I sat in the car and drank every last drop of this coffee. I maybe also jammed out to some Monster Ballads.

Tuesday was "bring-a-friend-to-dance" day...we gave Radley the day off and had a giggle-filled ride to the dance studio. I seriously am so giddy that I have a van to be able to haul all of this precious cargo. 

On Wednesday I gushed all about the Fed+Fit cookbook. I seriously couldn't love this anymore - check it out if you want delicious, HEALTHY meals, amazing workouts and some incredible information.

Landry crawls in our bed every morning. I love these tiny moments we have to just sit and snuggle and I never want to forget her sweet voice.

Kindergarten and First Grade at CHE take two weeks at the beginning of each year and focus on colors. Thursday was brown and Emersyn wasn't too excited until she remembered we had this leopard dress. Girlfriend pulled together this outfit all on her own and I am 100% jealous of her ability to mix patterns and add some color pop.

He's a keeper. 

Friday was Miss Kari's last day at the WDS. We will miss seeing her face so regularly but we are so grateful for having her love on our kiddos over the years. I'm even more grateful for the example she has set for them in pursuing your dreams, working hard, and believing in yourself. You are almost done, Kari!!! 

Friday night was full of excitement. We went on a hunt for some Pokemon with the Kurten boys and on the way home Landry had my phone and all of a sudden said, "Oh... a Pikachu is nearby." She handed it to Radley and he finally caught this silly creature. I can still hear the squeals. 

We started another season of Saturdays at the soccer field. This kid's team came away with a "W" and he even scored a goal! 

Truth: there were many many MANY Sunday's when I really needed our church to have a nursery. Leaving mass and feeling like I didn't hear a word was hard and worrying about the kids annoying other people was stressful. But of course our church is FILLED with kiddos of all ages and our new priest has done a great job reminding us that all that "noise" just means our church is alive and growing and spreading His word. Love this and promise to be the mom that makes other moms know that it's ok... Whatever "it" is! #godputthewiggleinchildren

We had a CRAZY Saturday night at school. The teacher assigned me some strange spelling words, but that's ok...

because I got to sit by a really cute boy.

He even passed me a note.

And the next night he took me dancing. :)

We signed up for Aggie Wrangler lessons and I am so excited. The Wranglers are nationally recognized for their fun dancing and amazing jitterbugs. I am totally looking forward to the next three Sundays of time with my guy - the skills on the dance floor are just icing on the cake. 

Hope y'all have a great week!


  1. Y'all are adorable and I'm so jealous! Why haven't we had a GG eat whatever night?? And seriously...how cute is Rad all sweaty in his soccer uni.

    1. Ummmm... let's GG all we can eat night at the CREEK SOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!!!!


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