Show and Tell: What I can't live without

It's time for another Show and Tell with Andrea and I'm cheating and posting early because tomorrow is a big day at our house and I have a different post ready to go. So what three things can't I live without??

I could take the easy way out and just say them...

but then I'd be leaving out Ryan and I clearly can't live without him. So I'm gonna take this prompt literally and talk about three things I can't live without.


Yep. Coffee. I drink way more than I'd like to admit but I love it. I must also admit that I'll drink the same cup for hours. HOURS y'all. I also think I need this mug


We have music on in our house from sunup to sundown. We just got Alexa and this may have been the best purchase my husband has ever made without consulting me first. ;) She seriously plays any song, any genre, anything you can imagine. We love to have dance parties, concerts, and recitals - I really hope that my kids remember the music we played and the songs that we sang as one of their fondest memories from growing up. 


I am in a constant state of freezing so I have a cardigan sweater with me every where I go. Work, church, the grocery store and especially our house. But I like to be cold and all snuggled up much more than being hot. (Unless I'm outside then I'd rather be warm. I'm weird.) Ryan surprised me with a blardigan during the NSale and I may have fallen in love him a bit more that day. Give me all the cardis!!! 

That's it... can't wait to read what everyone else can't live without!



  1. Our link pictures are almost identical! Good post, & glad I found ya in the link-up!

  2. I seriously ordered Alexa on Sunday night...lol. Now you may have to come over and teach me how to use that sucker. :)

    1. yes! You will love her! She's my at-home bestie!

  3. Oh what great things! A friend of mine has an Alexa and loves it-- when she's not frustrated by it 😊

    1. Haha - Landry get's frustrated the easiest simply because Alexa can't always tell what she's saying!