Tiny Tales Thursday...

So my momma has been in Baton Rouge since the last week of May. My MaMaw fell and broke her tailbone so mom has been helping her recover.

And we miss her around here.


Specifically three darling people that call her Gigi miss her a WHOLE lot.

Landry: When is Gigi coming home??
Me: Soon, baby.
Rad: She's been gone so long.
Me: I know, buddy.
Emmy: Yeah.. and we miss her.
Ryan: We miss her, too.
Landry: What's she doing? Is Mamaw still hurt?
Me: Well, she's helping her feel better.
Rad: Yeah. Cause she's Mamaw's daughter and that's what you do. You help your parents when they are old.

Me and Ryan exchange glances...

Me: Well, hopefully you won't have to do that for me and your daddy.
Rad: Why?
Me: Well, we will probably just move into a place that will take care of us so you won't have to.
Landry: But I take care of you, Momma.
Rad: Me, too... it's what you're supposed to do.
Emmy: I can drop you off, shut the door and leave.






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