Tiny Tales Thursday...

My kids are never at a loss for words. This is never more apparent than in the car when they all seem to want/need to talk at once and I can't understand what anyone is saying. I have to call names to grant permission to speak - it's enough to drive me crazy in the best way possible. I also love how much these random conversation topics showcase the differences in these precious kiddos of mine. 

For example, Emersyn started telling me a story this morning when Rad tried to talk over her. Emmy was granted permission to speak first... 

Emmy: So, when we saw Elsa that time, was it the real REAL Elsa?
Me: what on earth is she talking about
Me: When we saw Elsa? When did we see Elsa?
Emmy: When I was 3 and Landry was 2...
Landry: Yeah, Momma...
Me: Where? Was I there? Did this happen?
Radley: Yes. At Barnes and Noble, Mom... 
Me: Oh.
Emmy: So was she really real? Like for REAL?
Me: What do you think?
Emmy: Yes. She's real...
Landry: YES!!
Me: Then she's as real as you want her to be... 


Me: Ok, Rad... what were you trying to say?
Rad: Well, I was just wondering... How did World War I and World War II start? What happened? 
Me: laughing so hard
Me: Well, I know that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor... but I can't really tell you much more than that. Save that as a Daddy convo, k?


Elsa being real is much more up my alley.

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