Dear Emmy...

My sweet Emersyn, 

I have a confession - I was worried about having two kids. I was just so scared that I wasn't going to be able to give any more of myself or my heart away. We had gotten used to being a little tribe of three and the closer your due date approached the more anxious I became. I ultimately felt like I wasn't going to be good enough or deserving enough of the blessing of you. But you arrived and brought all the beauty and grace in the world with you. 

I took one look at you and you took my breath away. I finally knew what my own momma must feel like having a daughter. There's just something about that connection that can't be replicated. 

There is no denying that you are a darling girl. Strangers have been stopping me since our first visit to Target to tell me just how beautiful you are. 

I want you to hear me when I say this... you are so much more than that. 

You are strong and confident and smart. You have the best laugh and can make one of the best silly faces I have ever seen. You frequently put others before yourself. You are amazingly imaginative. You create the most fascinating worlds to play in. You've written your first book and I loved it! I just know that the adventures of Paddy Franny are going to take the world by storm. 

You are also undeniably sassy. I mean. Your favorite thing to tell me is, "I don't know how to roll my eyes..." as you are ROLLING YOUR EYES!

I won't deny that one of your favorite things is to pose for a camera. I mean, you are in your element when eyes are on you. I love that you are comfortable in your skin and I pray that remains the stick to which you measure your success - by your own happiness and standards and not that of others.

I hope that you always find contentment in a twirly dress and awesome pair of shoes.

And that you never underestimate the power of a good hair day.

My favorite stories to listen to are the ones that teachers tell me. The ones where you've helped a friend and put others first. The ones where you volunteered for a hard job. The ones where you tried something new and knocked it out of the park!

I love picking you up from school and hearing about your day. I love that what brings you joy is always when you get to create something new. I love that the first thing you always want to do is pick up Landry from school.

Watching you grow up has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I am honored to be your momma and don't take for granted one second the gift that you are to our family. You have a hard job being "in the middle" but I can't imagine any other place for you. 

I'll let you in on a secret - God wanted you in the middle. He knew that you'd be strong and confident. He knew that you'd be able to play alone when someone else needed attention. He hand picked you for this role, for our family, for your brother and sister. You get to follow and lead and really, that's pretty awesome. Learning while teaching....teaching while learning... this cycle that only you get to live. Radley doesn't know what it's like to be "little" and Landry won't get to know what it's like to be "big". You get to be both. 

Seven years of smiles and laughter as you help us create our imperfect happily ever after. 

I love you, Emersyn.

A bushel and a peck. 

- Mommy 

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