Summer has officially begun and this is how Landry feels about it!

While she's enjoying the right of passage of getting to go on field trips - the bigs are getting to spend a few hours each day in summer school enrichment. They are LOVING it!

We started a family book and I honestly think this may be the first time I've read Charlotte's Web. How is that even possible? That Wilbur is SOME PIG!

Hi. My name is Katy. When I was in the first grade I wanted to be a cosmetologist. Jenni was a good BFF and let me practice on her. It was awful. And hilarious. I wish we had pictures. 

I still stink at the makeup so this is my routine. Yes. I wear bronzer for blush. I glitter. It's a thing.

Know what else is a thing? FINISHING HARRY POTTER WITH THIS KID!

Y'all. I still cannot even a little bit discuss the way this whole experience made me feel without just sobbing. Post coming soon. In the meantime - READ THIS SERIES WITH YOUR CHILDREN!

Remember when we got the kids some kittens?

We had the best time celebrating Emmy for her seventh birthday! We started with a trip to the American Girl store... 

 Hosted the most darling friends over for a slumber party... 

I can't get enough of the homemade birthday cards y'all. 


Her birthday was definitely fabilis! I mean... HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!?!

We dropped Kara off on our way to Gigi and Pops - these girls didn't stop talking for 13 hours.

We took a break from celebrating Emersyn to wish Mason a happy birthday - his party was at my hometown pool and I basically wanted to immediately move back to Robinson. I mean - slides AND diving boards!

Not to mention these two would be minutes away!

When we're at Gigi's we get spaghetti for BREAKFAST! My true Italian girl!

Nothing like raising babies with your besties!

Jenni is the best Godmother around - Emersyn is so lucky to have her guidance and love!

Her actual birthday arrived and I make it a habit to take a picture right before bed the night before their birthdays. I want to remember them as that age as long as I can. I tuck them in and tell them their birth day story.

She loves hearing about Gigi thinking I was joking when she walked in and I was holding a baby. Pops got a speeding ticket, Daddy was getting coffee and Tia had just left to go to work. She entered on her own time but as fast and furious as can be... and she hasn't stopped since. 

Oh yeah - we TOTALLY got the kids some kittens.

The kids, right.... the kids.

And that's us in an INSTANT!

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