Lucky number seven...

Even with a day trip to Houston and sweet sleepover, we kept the celebrations going to our golden girl. Lucky number seven indeed! She woke up to a house bedazzled in streamers, stars, birthday signs and balloons! 

(My kids have clearly caught on to the "mom is crazy and goes overboard" thing I've got going on. The night before her birthday she instructed me to wake up Radley and Landry at 6:50 and then wait until 7 to get her up so that we could "set everything up".)

She did a real good job of acting surprised by all the hoopla! 

No better way to start the day than with presents and hugs! Landry got her a new dress for Clarabell and some gently used Pokemon cards! HAHA

Radley got her a fidget spinner and these little beads that connect with water. 

She requested a donut cake with a cinnamon twist all to herself - her day really couldn't have started any sweeter than this!

She was most excited about getting to celebrate her birthday AT school! We got donuts for the class and they sang her happy birthday and she was so thrilled that the day could have ended right then! 

Of course it didn't because what would a summer birthday without a trip to the pool?!

Last year Gigi and Pops had to miss her birthday so this year they both made sure to be there to make up for it - Pops got in the pool and threw her, flipped her and just giggled the afternoon away.

Best friends, best food, best day ever!

We live for summer days around here and her birthday is always one of my favorites of the season!

She opted for snow cones at the pool instead of any other sweet treats and they were a hit!

These six will never be short of any group picture for any forthcoming slideshows in their lives.

After we cleaned up and rested (and did an outfit change) the girls headed to get our toes done...

and for the first time ever, she got to put her toes in the water!

Landry was still happy with just a paint job and I fell sleep in the chair.

We ended the day at Blue Baker because #cookies.

If her year could be measured by the amount of love she received this day, well I'd say she's got a fantastic 365 days ahead!

Seven years of loving her - we are the lucky ones!

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