Our American Girls...

Emersyn has a pretty big birthday coming up - maybe not in numbers but in significance. She turns 7 on the 7th which means this is her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! She's been planning this "event" for what seems like forever and I really wanted to make sure that we were able to do the things that just made her happy and feel loved. So we kicked off the celebration by heading to Houston with her bestie and I was so excited that Gigi could come along for the ride!

Destination of choice.. American Girl.
Agenda? Nothing but to have fun with the bestie.

Done and done.


We seriously arrived and neither one was sure of what they wanted to do so they walked around and looked at everything and decided they wanted this playhouse at home.

They finally decided that Julie and Clarabelle needed their hair done and ears pierced.

Check and check.

The plan was to also get Emmy's ears pierced - she's been talking about it for MONTHS. Well, the plan changed at some point and she and Anna decided they wanted to do it together on Anna's upcoming birthday. (I mean, it wasn't like I had already bought her earrings to open or anything.) 

This is the face of a little girl that is having the best day ever and a momma that has a full heart watching her girl have the best day ever. 

They left with shiny new hair, fancy new earrings and a sweet pair of new shoes each. I mean, what is better than fresh hair and new shoes y'all? Nothing. Nothing is the answer. 

We made our way "inside" the mall and I was letting them know to keep me on track because we were in a "real" mall. They wanted to know what that meant and I almost felt guilty letting them know that real malls contained much more than that of the Post Oak variety.

The plan was to grab a bite to eat and then head back to CS - I let them pick whatever they wanted - as in WHATEVER they wanted to eat. I told them all about The Cheescake Factory and delicious goodness that awaits them in those doors. 

They picked McDonald's and Taco Bell. 


We lucked out and missed the torrential down pour that Houston was experiencing in time to snap a few more pictures and load the car.  

I was semi-prepared for how much I would love my kiddos but I wasn't even close to realizing how much joy would come from watching them do what they love. Nothing makes me happier than to see them happy and what makes them happy is hardly ever "big" things.

Time with us. Outings with friends. And McDonald's chicken nuggets.

The day wasn't done for these American Girls... we still had more celebrating left to do... 

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