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Twenty years ago, 135 18 year olds had the world at their feet. Anything was possible and we were going to collectively conquer the world. Our mixture of preppy pop and punk angst kept us motivated to succeed. We were loud and fun and crazy and scared and fearless all wrapped into one cluster of awesome. We were the RHS Class of 1997 - "the last great class". 

And we TOTALLY still believe that today - this past weekend gave us the opportunity to get together and celebrate all that we've conquered since. Spoiler alert: I LOVED high school. I did. It was fun and simple and filled with stupid drama that didn't matter but was also everything at once. I could not wait to get together with my classmates and reminisce and reconnect. 

Sadly, the weekend was a bit more booked than we could have planned for so not as many people were able to make it. (I'm totally claiming that at least half of us wanted to be there but schedules wouldn't allow - my inner Rocket refuses to believe otherwise).

Niki and I prepped like we usually did for any social engagement in high school - by raiding my Mom's fuzzy navel wine coolers. (Just kidding, Mom... we didn't drink your wine coolers). (We bought our own). ;) 

Please note that we shared one because, OH MY WORD the sweetness. 

We went to dinner then headed to the bar and right on cue, people started showing up and we squealed and hugged and laughed and shared stories and it didn't feel like 20 years had passed at all. 

As a bonus, one of my favorite teachers EVER met us and the tears began flowing. I never actually had Mrs. A for class, but she was my student council advisor and one of the biggest reasons I am who I am and do what I do today. She is just the BEST and I'm so glad that she came up there!

We had classmates travel as far away as Arizona or as close as down the road. We have entrepreneurs, teachers, ranchers,  scouts, medical professionals, stay at home moms, and servicemen among our ranks. Our journeys have lead us all over the world but our paths will always find their way back home. There's just something special about being a small town kid - so much so that I often worry about my kids' "big town" life. (Note: CS isn't really "big" but it's a heck of a lot larger than Robinson!)

Craig and I were going to get married in the first grade. There may have been a tackling incident that lead to a kiss. He was ok - I didn't hurt him too bad.


We don't look a day over 22. 


I hadn't seen this guy in a DECADE and he grew up down the street from me. Life takes you from seeing people every single day to every 10 years. It didn't feel like a day had passed. I vote that we meet up once a year - who needs an "occasion" to hang out with your childhood friends. Facebook makes the catching up easier but I think it gives us a false sense of connecting. Sure I see pictures of vacations and first days of school - I love the updates and funny stories - but I cherish those conversations with the people the shaped me into who I am. The easy days and the hard growing up. The mistakes that we made together. The loss of old friends and the finding of new ones. 

Also, it's just fun to show off this guy. 

RHS is the BEST!

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