Tiny Tales Thursday....

I promise that all of children are hysterical...it just seems that Emersyn has been extra witty lately.

So ever since my first successful, strict, didn't break any rules Whole30, the kids have noticed how and what I eat. They ask if things are "whole30" or "too sugary" or if what they've chosen is healthy. I'm actually surprised by how much they pay attention to their food because of my experience. I guess we really do lead by example.

We grabbed Subway last week and Emersyn noticed that I got a veggie sandwich with ALLLLLL the veggies. Basically a salad on toasted bread. The best. She equates veggies to "realllllly healthy" food.

Emmy: Momma....
Me: Yes....
Emmy: I think I'm going to do that Whole30.
Me: Really?
Emmy: Yes, except I think I'm just going to do like a Whole7... just a week.
Me: Ok... you should probably give me that coke then.
without missing a beat
Emmy:  Oh, I'll start next week then.

My little girl really is growing up.


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