Road to Chicago (Day 3)...

Chicago is definitely our kind of town! Sun, breeze, no humidity - we may never leave. We are early risers but most of the things that we want to do don't open until 10am, so we headed straight to Maggie Daley Park on Monday and basically had the entire place to ourselves. 

If I had a couple million to spare, I would build this exact park in College Station. We all had so much fun climbing, sliding, and running around!

We wasted money on a played a round of putt putt and decided that unless the putt putt course is LEGENDARY then we'd probably not do that on vacation anymore. But let me tell ya, the "please please please please please" "can we can we can we can we" of little kids is hard to resist. 

Maggie Daley and Millenium Park are connected with this awesome boardwalk that gives you amazing views of the Chicago skyline. I mean, I feel like you can't even photoshop a day that beautiful.

And this is what happens when you ask strangers to take your picture. Two of them actually because I didn't like the first one at all. My poor family. And yes, we have a selfie stick, I just keep forgetting it. My bad.

Editors note: We are the most basic family ever because I most certainly bought the boys those Cubs shirts for our trip. (Extra note: we really do love the Cubs, not just because they won.)

When in Chicago...

Landry and Emmy have been in to taking pictures - this one is definitely a framer.

We tried to convince the kids that no one knows how or why The Bean is here. I don't think we did a good job of convincing them that aliens put it here.

Mom takes a picture - waits for a clear moment and snaps 1000.

Stranger takes a picture - ALL OF THE PEOPLE ARE IN  IT!

My little beans  in front of the bean!

We did a quick change at the hotel because it warmed up quickly and headed to Navy Pier for lunch and an afternoon of fun.

I'm not sure if Landry had to pee or just thought this pose was awesome. 

And look - we were there too! (Thanks for the angled shot, Rad -HA!)

Finally - a stranger that took a great picture!

This is a new ferris wheel with lots of upgrades including the gondola type seating. 

Rad and Ryan took a ride on the swings but we couldn't convince the girls so I sat this one out and I'm so glad I did because I feel like I nailed this shot!

We headed to the water taxis for our last stop of the day.

I think I finally agree that they may look a like. 

We headed to the former tallest building in the world - Sears/Willis Tower. Can I make a confession - I had no idea that Sears Tower was named because it was the HQ of Sears. As in the retail giant. Y'all. How clueless am I? And how crazy is it that Sears was once that big of a retailer!?!? It recently had a name change because the new largest tenants are the Willis Company. I don't think I like that.

The lighting was perfect for pictures. 

After three super looooonnnggg days the kids were exhausted. Landry fell asleep at dinner and missed out on the pizza. We called it an early night and all fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the bed!

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