Tiny Tales Thursday....

If the days leading up to Emersyn turning seven are any indication of how sassy and funny this age is going to be.... we are in for some T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Our HEB just went through a MAJOR redesign. During the process the store seemed to be in mass chaos. Pickles were next to cereal. Marshmallows were next to salsa. I mean, it was a mess. We ran into to grab a few things one day and as we were walking around aimlessly Emmy said loud and clear, "Hey Mommy, at least they didn't move the beer!"

#priorities #silverlining


We were at my parents last weekend and the girls walk into the kitchen with one of Jeremy's old toys...

Ryan: HOLY COW! That's a GI Joe Tomahawk Helicopter (or something like that).... let me see that!
Emmy: Dad... they (Barbies) are going shopping.



We were driving home from summer school one afternoon and out of the blue...

Emmy: Momma, I really don't like Donald Trump.
Me: Well, a lot of people don't... 
Emmy: Yeah, I wish he would just... ::points up::
Me: You wish he would....????
Emmy: (whispering) You know, go be with Jesus. 

Y'all. I know that's not nice. I want to be clear that I have never said ANYTHING that would make her think these thoughts. However my response was simply, "Well, that's nicer than what a lot of people think."


Seven is going to be sassier than we can maybe handle. Emmy was doing something that was leading Ryan to the verge of exploding...

Ryan: Em-er-syn. Just stop. You are about to make me lose my S-H-I-T.
Emmy: (without missing a beat) You just spelled shit.

#shewins #sofunny #Ilostit

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