We've had such a busy couple of weeks that it still doesn't feel like summer to me. I've had some minor panic attacks thinking that I've missed the entire summer break and I keep having to remind myself that if I can just make it through June things will slow down. 

Luckily, we've had lots of fun things on the docket like my 20th HS reunion. The morning of we met at a local park and had a local food truck come by for some famous Pokey O ice cream sandwiches!

If you're in Waco even for a day, follow them on Instagram and make plans to stop by for a treat!

That night I hung out with the finest classmates around! Our group was smaller than we had hoped but it was still a ton of fun to reconnect! Facebook make it seem like we still see each other all the time but there's really nothing compared to hugging the neck of someone you haven't seen in a decade!

Sunday we planned a little GNO of dinner and a movie. I had actually ordered this romper hoping I would get it in time for the reunion, alas I did not. My only regret about it is that I didn't order it in gray, too! SO darn comfortable and way more flattering than I thought it would be.

This group of Wonder Women had the BEST time together. So thankful for the amazing crew God put together for me!


Tuesday we headed to Dallas to get settled in for Pops' surgery. We had a really early dinner and got hungry later that night... I sprung for some room service with this kid. Y'all, they were AMAZED that people bring food to your ROOM! Such a fun little treat for my sweet kiddos.

The next day we got Pops all checked in at the hospital and settled in for a looooooonnnngggg wait. Tia made sure that we were prepped and made goodie bags for the kids, me, Gigi and the group! These teeth were clearly a hit.

Pops did GREAT and is recovering nicely!

On our way back to College Station, we made a teensy detour to spend time with some of our favorite people on the planet.

Out of all the people that have left College Station in my tenure, KK may be one that I miss the most. Loved hugging her neck and meeting that sweet Annie Kate. Let's not go so long in between visits anymore, mmmmkay?

We got Emmy all packed up for camp and I can't get over her Tink inspired shoes. The theme is "Foreverland" and I couldn't love this more!

We got to spend some time with Uncle Jody which was a nice side effect of Dad's surgery. 

This kid will never ever be able to deny me.

They probably won't either.

Emmy helped me put all of her camp stuff together, hand picked a sleeping buddy and set her clothes out for drop off day.

We added some new pictures to her trunk and I found a printable version of "bushel and a peck". I can't wait to see all the things that we will add over the next few years of camp. She was really excited about this year and kept asking when it was time to leave. So proud of my big girl, but also.... #stopgrowingup

Couldn't let the weekend pass without celebrating this guy! Those kids have no idea how loved they are by him.

After an early lunch it was time to load up the car and head to Foreverland....

Emmy's friend Kelly is attending for the first time and Emmy couldn't wait to assume her role as "expert" Can't wait to hear all about it on Wednesday!

And that's us in an instant!

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