Operation Field Trips....

I love the "rights of passage" occurrences of life. I love the anticipation and the feeling of looking forward to something. I feel like there are so few moments left for kids to look forward to and that makes me a little sad. You should know the feeling of "waiting your turn" for the big thing - I feel like I had many opportunities to experience this fact of life. One in particular was "like, totally amazing"... varsity cheerleaders got to have their NAME on their BLOOMERS. I remember being in 7th grade just WAITING for the day that I, too, could have my name embroidered in 12 point script on my booty. Because clearly that was something worth waiting for. 

Well, Landry had her own right of passage moment this week with the official start to FIELD TRIP SEASON!!!! Every summer the Friendship class at WDS goes on weekly field trips and this year it was finally Landry's turn! We actually thought about pulling her this summer but decided that she should get at least one month of riding in 12 passenger vans with her friends. Needless to say, she was ready and first up on the agenda.... 


We headed north to Waco once again to catch a glimpse at the tigers, bears and giraffes and this may have bene the best visit yet! The weather was absolutely perfect so all the animals were out of their hiding places and walking around  - the tiger was up close and personal and I kind of wanted to take him home.

Miss Kari is back this summer and I may be even more excited than the kids! She's been there since Radley was at WDS so it's only fitting that she get to hang with Mills and Lands before they leave.

I know I've mentioned it before, but if you are near Waco then the drive is worth it to visit the Cameron Park Zoo. It's the perfect size for kiddos and has so many great animals and exhibits. The grounds are beautiful, the staff is friendly and there are plenty of things to do and see on the way in and out!

Emmy is never far away from Parker.... 

This is the sign they have posted outside of the orangutan exhibit and I died laughing. One of my friends can be summed up this same sentiment so I snapped this pic and sent it to him and his reply was, "I need this for my office!" hahaha

This class has so much fun together and all of their personalities just crack me up! 

The definitely each have their buddies but they also play together really well and are okay hanging out with whoever is in their group that day. We could all learn a thing or two from them!

Gigi met us there and Landry was so happy to show her off to her classmates! 

Another right of passage Landry experienced this day is also known as "third kid syndrome".... Radley's field trip to the zoo, I'm pretty sure I brought two lenses for my camera, Emmy's I brought the big camera, Landry? I realized once we arrived that all I had was my phone...


She was clearly upset...

as angry as a bear....

Okay, clearly she wasn't phased at all!

After a quick lunch of animal shaped chicken nuggets we made our way back out of the zoo to head home.

Well, after stopping for ice cream of course!

Three weeks left at this school that has brought the kids a ton of joy and me a ton of comfort... I just know she is going to suck up every ounce of fun to be had!

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