Road to Chicago (Day 4) ...

When you're from Texas a two hour drive is basically a stroll down the road. So when I looked up the drive to South Bend and saw that we were only 93 miles away I knew that we had to add a visit to Notre Dame to our itinerary. 

I love visiting college campuses... and when they are as beautiful as this one, it's easy to see why.

We all lit candles at the grotto and just paused for a minute to sit and pray.

I love that this is just in the middle of campus ready for anyone to sit and reflect and pray. 

We ventured into the Basilica which is truly breathtaking.  

We just missed mass for the day but I can only imagine how amazing it would be to worship within these walls.

The good student affairs professional in me thought it would be fun to see what their student center was all about and lucky for us, they had a Subway! I will be willing to bet than when we ask the kids to tell us one of their favorite stops from trip - one of them will say Subway.

On the way out, we said Howdy to Touchdown Jesus...

and then bid Notre Dame farewell with a "gig'em."

We were back in Chicago by 2pm and Ryan won "Dad of the Year' by dropping us directly off at Maggie Daley, parked at the hotel, grabbed bathing suits and walked back so the kids could play in the splash pad. This park really was worth the double visit, especially if you have littles!

We ended the night filling our bellies with some amazing food from Eataly...we ate so fast that we may have set a record. From there, Ryan and Rad met the cousins for dessert and the girls and I headed back to the hotel for some girl time/sleep!

We still have three days left...and I can't wait. My heart is almost too full to function y'all...what an amazing treasure it is to share these travels with my people. 

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