Sometimes you feel like you wait FOREVER for something to happen. Well, this "something" for Emersyn was her return to Camp Carolina. After I chalked the car for their last day of school, she requested that I do the same for camp.... 

This year the theme is "FOREVERLAND" and, well... 

This year Emmy was the "seasoned" camper. Anna is heading to camp in August for a full week and Emmy wasn't quite ready for that kind of commitment. Her friend, Kelly, was old enough to go this year which made Emmy super excited. (Let's be honest - Emmy thought that she could be "in charge" of someone... you know "help" them with camp and "protect" her.)

The Weekday School has provided us with many many many things and one of the best blessings is the friends we've made along the way. The girls were thrilled to be zebras and couldn't wait to go see their room. 

That of course had to wait for pictures. Major props to the counselor that snapped this and also cropped the family out so it was just us. 

The girls had the two bottom bunks in the corner and immediately started scheming about how to situate themselves so that they could talk. 

Making friends at camp is the best! Taylor jumped right in for the zebra picture - we loved her immediately. 

I like to arrive early because we take an obnoxious amount of pictures. (hold your surprise). I mean, I would love to be the mom that walks up, hugs the kids neck and says "see you later"... but actually, I wouldn't. I can't help it - we need all the photos!

See? All of them.

She was so ready for us to get out of there so she could be big. And as much as that makes me sad, I am so proud of her confidence and ability to try new things and do big things and be this amazing light. My prayer for her this week was to use her words to lift up others, to make new friends and to let them lead her (because she really likes to be in charge). Mostly, to be a light for Him through her actions. 

Landry would not her go... 

Radley had to be pulled back in for a picture.... 

And then we all said "see you Wednesday!" 

Can't wait to hear all about what she learns about God's forever love for us!

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