Back to normal...

Today felt like our first "normal" Saturday since Emmy arrived. We were awakened by the sweet bellows of "Mommmmyyyy.... Daaaaadddddyyyy" and a few seconds later had a tiny being in our bed followed by our Saturday morning breakfast with a tad of Mickey Mouse.

We even all made it out to run "ewands" which is one of Radley's favorite things to do! My favorite part of the day (besides spending it with Ryan, Rad and Emmy) was getting Emmy's birth announcements made so be watching for something special in your mail box/I'll post it here in a few days!

It was our first "free" weekend since she arrived and it's nice to be in a routine. We even made it to church...
You can't tell from this picture but they had on matching outfits! Radley's shorts were the same print as her dress. Thanks, Bebe! They looked ADORABLE!

Gotta run... someone's hungry! :)

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