To be a kid again...

Take a look at this...
To most people it looks like a simple playground... to Radley it was a dream come true....

To me... it was filled with germs and icky kids :)

Radley is off to spend the rest of the week with GiGi and Pops! I am meeting my mom tomorrow afternoon. I remember spending time with my grandparents during the summers... I can still remember the smells and sounds.

Every morning that I walked into the kitchen PaPaw would greet me with a "Hey"... MaMaw taught me how to sew; PaPaw and I picked vegetables in his garden; I would climb to the top of the magnolia tree and read books for ages; we ate the best food and played cards and stayed outside all day...it was a kid's dream come true.

I'm sure Radley will have a blast and get completely spoiled...I'll keep you all posted!

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  1. Awh. I want to go to GiGi and Pops' house also! I love their house!