Going to town...

As long as I can remember, if I am home (in this case, Waco) on a weekend then we are "going to town". We meaning any combination of the following: Me, Jenni, My mom, Jenni's mom, Chrissy (Jenni's sister), Kerri (Jenni's other sister), one of our husbands, some kids and maybe a few out of towners.

This tradition started sometime either in high school or college. Jenni and I have been "besties" since the 1st grade and through us our moms became "besties" as well. Since then we've all been like a giant crazy family finishing each others sentences, plates, whatever...

The first time Ryan came home with me and the girls headed "to town" I am 100% positive that this picture popped in his head:

Ha! He still likes to give me a hard time about using that phrase to describe our weekly visits to Target, Kohls, the mall, etc... Some of my favorite memories are stories of us going to town. We are a fun group and often see other friends that we know out and about... a trip to Target can easily last 2 hours with our group. We have a unique ritual of grabbing our "buggies" and then heading straight to the drink/snack isle... a girl has got to snack while she shops!

Then we just make our way around the store buying things that we don't need and forgetting every other item on our list all together. If one of us gets separated from the group we quickly let out a whistle in a marco/poloesque attempt to locate the missing group member.

Target is usually followed by a quick lunch and then maybe a nap or other shopping venue of choice. No matter the destination we always have fun and enjoy each others' time and company.

In recent years we've expanded our group to include Kenly, Karli and Radley who always bring their own unique qualities to the trip. Radley is the lucky fella to be surrounded by all females but I don't think he minds too much... especially when GiGi provides unlimited snacks and Dr. Peppers.

So, if you're ever in Target and hear a little whistle, it may be this group...

Keep up with us if you can!

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  1. Hilarious, accurate, and adorable. I love all these ladies in this caravan!