Patch up the Pirates

When I was in high school we would have a different "theme" Every Friday during football season to get everyone ready for the big game. A few of my favorites:

1. "Lock up the Leopards" -- we wore dread locks
2. "Bury the Bulldogs" -- we wore all black
3. "Hunt down the Hornets" -- we wore camo

BUT, my absolute favorite was "Patch up the Pirates" otherwise known as "band aid" day. I hate to admit it, but I thought it was fun to wear a ton of band aids and would purchase a large variety from Spiderman to Cinderella. Most of the school got into it and we all looked goofy together. :)

I felt obliged to share a little of my past with you to give you the full effect...

Before I proceed please note a few things:

1. Yes I had a perm
2. Yes we wore "slouch socks"
3. Yes one eye seems to look bigger than the other (due to scanning the picture of course)
4. Yes I have over 100 band aids on (who didn't)
5. Most importantly... look how SKINNY my legs were!! :)

Now after seeing this, you would think that I wouldn't be so surprised for my love of a cute band aid to pass down to my kids. However, when Radley came home from GiGi and Pops it was abundantly clear that he has a love for those "patches", too....

And he makes a mean "pirate face"....

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