Over the river and through the woods...

to GiGi and Pops' house we go... (actually it's north on Highway 6 exit Marlin and take 77 til you get to Newland drive, but you get the idea...)

Radley is having a BLAST with GiGi and Pops!! How do I know this?!? GiGi has done an awesome job of texting pics of his trip!!

We met in Calvert on Wednesday afternoon to make the exchange and although he was a little weary at first, he has since forgotten all about me, Ryan and Emersyn and is loving every minute of life! He hasn't even really wanted to talk to me on the phone. Makes me a little sad but so thankful that he has such great grandparents that take care of him and spend time with him.

A few snapshots of his last few days...

Off to the zoo with "Karli-bug"
please note the chocolate donuts

Karli giving a tour of the place (seriously, she knows her stuff!)

After the zoo and lunch it was off to a splash pad!
(At this time GiGi and Nana are exhausted but won't give up on their quest to be #1 grandma's of all time!!)

Phew... time for a "rest"...

Glad to see that his nutrition isn't suffering with a stop at Cane's for dinner! HA!

Day 2... the Waco Waterpark!

They ended the day at a local favorite... Rocket Cafe... but for some reason the picture won't upload. Our high school "crew" went to "Rocket" every Friday for lunch. And by "Crew" I mean pretty much everyone in the senior class... we are a small town afterall! :)

Mom has been texting nonstop of all their adventures and I am 100% positive that after they drop him off tomorrow both she and Dad are going to want to take a very long nap!!

Please note that Pops' eyes are already closed in this picture! :)

Thanks for taking such good care of him, Mom and Dad! We love you so much and will see you tomorrow!

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