Oh my goodness have we had a busy weekend! I can't even believe that it's already Sunday night! Where does the time go when you're living a fairy tale? Just slips right by you! I can't believe that Emersyn will be 7 weeks old tomorrow; the time sure didn't go that fast when she IN my tummy! ;)

To spare you the long summary of what we've been up to I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

Radley's love for sticky things does not end with band aids... he likes stickers, too! Which those that grew up with me know that I, too, enjoyed a sticker. In fact I liked over 300 so much that they became attached to my bedroom door!! (with the permission of my mom who still has the door! Is anyone really surprised?)

He wanted to share the love with Dad...

And Emersyn...

Friday night we had some fun with The Munsons at a park with a splash pad. The kids loved it and I'm not going to lie... I wanted to run through the water too!

Miss Anna looking cute as always...

And Rad and Caro being sweet friends...

Emmy enjoyed the scenery, too!

Doesn't this look super fun!?!?

Saturday was a birthday party for our friend, E'mar! Kayla conquered the maze!

And I taught Radley a few tricks on the balance beam!

Today we had a fun lazy day! We went to church with GiGi, Pops and Pete and then came home to relax. We had to snap a few pics of these two cuties first, though!

This was my dress when I was a baby and I can only hope I was half as cute as this pretty girl! I am loving these smiles that she is giving us!

We also got a surprise visit from Radley's godmother, Stephanie! She was my Delta Zeta little sis and we just love her! Thanks for the visit, Nanan! We love you!

All this busy-ness made two people pretty sleepy... maybe we'll get some rest later. (Or maybe not!)

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