A Heat Wave...

Well, it seems like this heat affects little ones, too! Emersyn has broken out in a heat rash on her poor little face and it just won't seem to go away. I finally got concerned enough that we took her in for a quick visit to see the doctor and he said to just wait it out. She has the normal baby acne that infants get combined with eczema and heat rash so poor little one is just a mess. Wouldn't you know it? Already worried about her complexion. ;)

She's still pretty cute, though...

We had a fun treat on Monday and Tuesday with a visit from Jenni and Karli Bug. Radley loves playing with her! She is just a doll and they have so much fun together. We took them to the Children's Museum in Bryan yesterday and I loved watching them explore all the nooks and crannies.

Filling up their grocery carts

AHHHH! Where did Radley and Karli go?!?

Once again, Emersyn wasn't too interested in the whole thing! :)

We have a pretty quiet week ahead and I'm pretty excited about that!! Hope you all are staying cool!

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