Tiny Tales Thursday...

So I must admit that I am not always the most patient Mommy in the world. Radley has been such a sweet big brother and just loves on Emmy all the time...I am extremely grateful for him and for his behavior towards her....it's his behavior in general that sometimes sets me off.

We are going through a very big "No" phase and it is just driving me crazy...that coupled with the "whys" and my top is about to explode. The other night I was putting Radley to bed and he wanted Emmy to sleep next to him and say her prayers so I brought her in his room. He just melted my heart when he kissed her good night and patted her back to tell her he loved her... in that moment Mommy Guilt appeared again and I almost started crying. I went to set Emmy down in the other room so Radley would go to sleep and I told him I was sorry I yelled at him earlier and that I loved him and was very proud of what a big boy and big brother he was.

He rolled over and looked at me with those giant brown eyes and said...

"Its okay, Mommy... next time just yell quietly."

That boy.

In other Radley news... he is being moved up to the next class in school. They needed to make space in "Bumblebees" and his teacher thought that he was ready to advance (5 whole weeks early!).

Ryan and I were very proud of him, but I was a little nervous. I don't want him to be scared or miss his friends and I don't really want him to continue to grow up at such a rapid pace.

We got the news yesterday and that evening I got a sign that it was meant to be. Radley's new class is called "Promises" referring to God's promise to each of us. Jeremy called us to tell us to go outside and look at the rainbow (there was actually two of them).

We raced outside to see and when I asked Radley if he knew who gave us rainbows he looked at me again with those big brown eyes and said, "Yes, Mommy... God."

God keeps His promises indeed...

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